Accountable2You provides a customized monitoring solution for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

How it works...

Accountable2You for iOS works by offering a customized browser that is designed to take the place of Safari. Because Apple does not allow applications to monitor each other, it is currently not possible to monitor the entire device. The only activity that can be monitored is the web browsing activity that occurs inside of the Accountable2You browser. Monitored activity is then rated for content and published to your Accountable2You report, where it is then sent to any accountability partners that you have setup to receive reports for that device.

Installing Accountable2You on iOS...

The first step is to install the app onto your iOS device. This is done by simply finding Accountable2You in the App Store and installing from there. Upon successful installation, you will be prompted to assign one or more accountability partners for that device.

Because Apple does not allow monitoring of the entire device and it is essential that the Accountable2You browser be used, we strongly recommend using Apple’s built-in Restrictions feature to disable Safari, and also to disable the downloading of new applications. This helps to ensure a strong accountability solution for your iOS device.

This completes the setup process and you can proceed to use the Accountable2You browser to surf the web with the comfort of knowing that Accountable2You is monitoring all of your web activity.