Accountable2You provides a customized monitoring solution for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod).


Apple has more restrictions than other platforms. We've embraced this challenge and have succeeded in prodiving a thorough accountability solution to help foster your integrity! Check our features below to see how our iOS app will meet your needs.

Integrated VPN

Utilizing this option will allow you to monitor Safari, Chrome or any browser you choose.

See clearly what was viewed

We show you the title of the webpage viewed. No cryptic URL's.

Monitors the Internet based apps

See the usage of all Internet based apps in our App Usage report. Excellent way to monitor screen time. Requires VPN to be enabled.

Accountability browser

Our app has a built in browser to assist in the accountability process. Our browser has the follow features: Tab support, Air Printing, Set home page, Save bookmarks and many more.

Open links directly into our accountability browser

When Safari is restricted, opening a link in Mail will open directly into our browser.

QR Reader

Scan a QR code with our app and the webpage will load directly into our browser.

Location Accountability

Turn on GPS tracking inside our app and you'll be accountable for the places you visit.

Circumvention attempts monitored

Any attempt to disable or turn off the VPN is recorded, and accountability partners are notified.

Uninstalling the app is monitored

Accountability partners are notified within 24 hours if the app is uninstalled.

Google Image Searches are clearly recorded

We show the search as well as the Image that was selected. Includes all related Image searches.

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