Accountable2You provides comprehensive monitoring of program use and internet browsing activity across all browsers.

How it works...

Accountable2You for Mac works by monitoring all general activity that occurs on the operating system, including general program usage and web browsing activities. Monitored activity is then rated for content and published to your Accountable2You report, where it is then sent to any accountability partners that you have setup to receive reports for that device.

Smart Alerts

Accountable2You is designed to alert not only for questionable activities, but also for any possible attempts to circumvent the monitoring. The uninstallation or disabling of Accountable2You will alert your accountability partners so that they can follow up with you.

Installing Accountable2You on Mac...

The first step is to install the software onto your Mac computer. To protect your privacy and the privacy of other users, Accountable2You only monitors activity for the Mac user that it is installed on. If you wish to monitor more than one user, simply install the Accountable2You software separately for each Mac user profile.

Upon successful installation, you will be prompted to assign one or more accountability partners for that device. The software also features an optional “Application Exclusion” feature in case you need to shield sensitive information from appearing on your reports, such as activity information from financial applications or sensitive work-related programs. Your accountability partners are notified of any programs that you choose to exclude from monitoring.

This completes the setup process and you can proceed to use your device normally with the comfort of knowing that Accountable2You is running in the background. You will see an "AU" icon in your system's taskbar to indicate that it is monitoring.