Accountable2You provides comprehensive monitoring of app usage and browsing on the Android device.


Accountable2You for Android works by monitoring all activity that occurs on the device, including app usage and web browsing activities. See all the featues below.

Complete App Monitoring

We records all app usage for complete accountability.

See clearly what was viewed

We show you the title of the webpage viewed. No cryptic URL's.

Google Image Searches are clearly recorded

We show the search as well as the Image that was selected. Includes all related Image searches.

App Exclusion List

There is a fine line between accountabilty and privacy. We understand this and have provided a way to exclude some apps that may be confidential or private. Excluding an app will notify your partner.

Advanced Text and Phone Monitoring

Our advanced monitoring of text and phone will show exactly who called or texted with the texting content.

Accessibility bar - for users with vision or mobility impairment

We provide an accessibility bar that allows users with disabilities to perform task with ease.

Location Accountability

Turn on GPS tracking inside our app and you'll be accountable for the places you visit.

Circumvention attempts monitored

Any attempt to disable or turn off the app is recorded, and accountability partners are notified.

Uninstalling the app is monitored

Accountability partners are notified if the app is uninstalled.

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