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Accountable2You monitors all activity allowing you to be fully accountable to your partner(s). Accountable2You is specifically designed for people who want to be accountable.

Accountable2You works on the following:

Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 8 - except RT
Windows 2003 server
Windows 2008 Server
Windows 2012 Server

Leopard Snow
Mountain Lion

iPod touch® 
View in iTunes

NOTE: The iOS software is a special browser that we have developed. The iOS software will not monitor the entire device like our Android software. 
devices 2.1 and up  
View in Google Play

Kindle Fire (non HD) 
View in Amazon Apps

View in Chromestore

NOTE: Monitors all activity in Chrome. Can be used on any device including Linux

Features of using Accountable2You are listed below. 

Feature #1: Unlimited number of computers per household account with no additional charges per device.

Feature #2: Reports are broken down per each installation in your household account.

Feature #3: Reports are comprehensive. Each report is broken down per app/software used. You can view multiple days in one report. Records appear in reports within a minute.

Feature #4: Each application has clear reporting. Accountable2You records Incognito mode as well. 


Feature #5: Questionable activity is clearly marked. All highly questionable activity will also be sent in an instant text message to your accountability partner(s). You can test the alert system by going to 

Feature #6: Each computer/device has its own accountability partners.


Feature #7: Accountability partners can receive an email Daily, Weekly or Alert only. The Daily and Weekly reports show all activity. Both daily and weekly reports will send alerts emails for any questionable activity during the last hour. The Alert Only option only sends alerts to accountability partners. These partners do not have any options to view all activity.


Feature #8: Accountable2You sends Instant text alerts for highly questionable activity as soon as it is detected - generally in less than 2 minutes. In cases of large numbers to text message we have put measures are put in place to limit the number of text messages sent.


Feature #9: Accountable2you's rating system is based on keywords found in the records we receive. We offer the ability to adjust our rating system to meet each users needs. This adjustment is per device/computer. The Strict mode amplifies the rating on all words. The Less Strict rating decreases the rating only on less offensive keyword words.


Sign up today! We strive to offer the best all in one accountability solution on the market today.

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